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07 April 2010

My friend and fellow Crafty Critter, Melanie gave me this award!!! It is nice to be loved!!!

As part of the award I have to tell 10 things about myself ... then pass it on to 10 people ...
1. I love to bake!!!
2. I love to stamp!!!
3. My girls Kayla and Kirstin are my everything!!!
4. I have OCD!!!
5. I LOVE Disney!!!
6. I only type with 5 fingers!!!
7. My favorite flowers are carnations!!!
8. I can sing and LOVE to do it!!! I will burst out into song a million times a day!!!
9. I wear a size 11 shoe!!!
10. I cannot go a day without a Sunkist Diet Orange soda!!!

Since all of my Crafty Critter Girls received this award I don't know if I know 10 people ... LOL ... I am passing the award along to:
1. Patty
2. Laura
3. Molly
4. Cindy
5. Kel
6. Teresa
7. Ronda
8. Debi
9. Sarah
10. Shannan


~Patty~ said...

You know I actually learned something new about you today. I guess, I dont know it all yet. LOL. Thank you for my Award.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, thanks for the award!!! Ok, I am now going to show my ignorance when it comes to computers. How do I go about putting this on my blog? Any help, suggestions would be appreciated, lol!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

Lil' Inker said...

Thank you!!!! I now feel the pressure to come up with ten witty or intersting facts about myself because your list is soooo GREAT!
Thanks for thinking of me!